Florida Drupalcamp 2014 is on track to be the largest and greatest camp this state has ever seen! We’re only 27 days from the event and we currently have 171 registered Drupallers  (as of Sunday). At the same time in 2013, FLDC had 97 registered Drupallers. Check out the chart above for FLDC registration rates compared to the previous three years.

Why is registration going so well?

This year, FLDC14 is doing a number of things different.

  • We announced our date with a ‘Save the Date’ page the day before Drupalcamp Atlanta (October 19th, 2013).
  • We then heavily promoted and handed out some sweet promo beer coasters at Drupalcamp Atlanta!
  • We have a super-nifty website this year with some sweet CSS transitions!
  • We’re ditching the traditional keynote, and bringing in four powerhouse featured speakers
  • We have an early March date this year, as opposed to Apr 20 in 2013, and Feb 11th in 2012. We’re not sure if this contributes or not.

So, what are we going to do with all these extra Drupallers?

We’re glad you asked! Your all-volunteer FLDC organizing team is on it! We’re working hard to accommodate everyone as to make this the best Drupalcamp ever. Our plans include:

  • We’re splitting the OS Training beginner tracks into two separate rooms
  • We’re having even more tracks and rooms
  • We’re proactively capping registration at 350 attendees.
  • More coffee and food!
  • And.. just maybe… a special something involving bacon :)

So, the question is will this registration rate continue or taper off? What do you think? Sign in to comment below and let us know!