Don't Miss FLDC Community Day!

On Sunday, March 9th Florida Technical College is re-opening its doors for Drupallers to contribute back to the community!

Coding for a Cause

Coding for a cause is taking place yet again on the campus of FTC. This event brings Drupal developers and project managers together with one or more non-profit organizations in need of a new website.

Led by Ben Hosmer, participants will develop Drupal websites at break-neck speeds with the long-shot goal of getting out the door with completed website.

This event is great for project managers, site-builders, themers, and newbies, and anyone that wants to make a positive contribution through code.

Drupal Code Sprints

Code sprints are events where developers get together and contribute code back to the community through contrib modules or directly to Drupal core. FLDC’s Sunday code sprint starts at 9am at the beautiful FTC campus, and continues to 4pm.

The sprint will be led by featured speaker Kevin Basarab, as well as core contributors Albert Volkman and Andrew Riley. Kevin will begin with a hour long review of core mentoring and then Albert will pick a contrib module and begin work to upgrade it. The remainder of the day will then be spent on a (yet to be decided) D8 meta issue. Most of the meta issues offer a "implement steps X, Y and Z" which would give lots of people that nice hit of "first core commit" dopamine.

This event is great for people of all levels - from newbies to core developers we’ll find something for you to do!