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There always seems to be a divide between the styles applied to the site regions, and the styles applied to the content itself. Where the "theme" ends and the WYSIWYG editor begins. And what about layouts within the content area? What do content editors do now that responsive design is a major factor in all of this?

Fear not! The Classy Panel Styles module has arrived on the scene. It builds on the drag and drop content layout freedom that Panels provides and allows editors to apply ready-made styles the themer has whipped up for them —without having to remember class names!

Beyond that, we'll show you how you can use these easy applicable styles to allow further flexibility with panel panes without requiring 101 different panels layouts.

We'll also talk about how this was all put together and how you can use it to create your own set of Classy Panel Styles.

This session is great for developers, themers, content editors and more.