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With the ever expanding amount of content on the web, we all understand the importance of connecting with our site's visitors as quickly as possible. Technology has evolved such that we can now personalize the content of our sites based on a wide range of known user attributes such as location, where they entered the site from, time of day, behavior, and much more.

It has historically been very difficult to tailor content to visitors in this way with Drupal unless they created an account and signed in. That all changes with a combination of the new Personalize module, Visitor Actions module, and the unending flexibility of Drupal itself. These modules were developed for Acquia Lift, a new SaaS product from Acquia which takes personalization even further, but the code for these modules is open source and can be extended in many ways to be used both with and without a subscription.

In this session I'll introduce these new modules and walk through implementation details, extension possibilities, and more.