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With the release of Drupal 8, for the very first time in its history, Drupal core will support upgrading directly from the end-of-life version (Drupal 6) to the very latest release (Drupal 8).

This is made possible by writing a new subsystem based on the key parts of the battle-tested contributed modules Migrate and Migrate D2D. During this session, we'll discuss:

Part I: Background

  • Timeline
  • Rationale
  • Shortcomings of Update.php
  • Benefits of the new approach

Part II: Demonstrations

  • A brief discussion of Drupal 8 changes from the site-builder perspective
  • A demonstration of core-supplied migrations in action: where your data begins and where it ends up
  • An overview of Migrate API internals: how your data gets from the source to the destination

Part III: A "State of the Module" address

Although Migrate API is not a beta-blocker, the API is expected to be stable by March 31. In the final segment of this session, get an overview of the project

  • what's working
  • what straightforward work remains to be done
  • what sticky decisions are still outstanding
  • where you follow along
  • how you can help

In the second session, you'll have the chance to try your hand at running a migration yourself - See Migrate in Drupal 8: Let's Do This Thing for details. The sessions compliment each other, and you can attend either one individually, as well.

Slides (from both sessions)