Experience level: 

The first session looked at the background and goals for Migrate, how it works, and the status of the project.

In this second session, you can try out a Drupal 6 > Drupal 8 migration for yourself, or relax and follow along with the demonstration.

This won't be a tutorial on using a finished product. Rather, you can expect to see, first-hand, the culmination of 5 months of development on the brink of its first major user-facing milestone: A D6 > D8 core migration.

To prepare ahead, have the following installed on your laptop:

  • A clean installation of the IMP sandbox, where the work on Migrate is taking place - the sandbox is a full copy of core, so you'll clone it and run the installation.
  • A working D6 site (with data)
  • Drush 7

Alternately, you can set up at the beginning of the session. There will be USB drives with:

You should be plenty familiar with setting up local Drupal sites if you want to install during the session. If not, plan to follow along.

Slides (from both sessions)