Sessions off the "Drupal Island"
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One of the barriers to beginning with Drupal is getting a local development server running.

Numerous tools exist to make this easy, but sometimes they make things even more complicated. New users often spend more time trying to install various $AMP tools than they do learning Drupal.

You can develop your site locally using the same environment that you would deploy your site to.

I've been using [Vagrant]( for a few years and have found it invaluable for Drupal Development.

In this two-hour workshop session we'll set up vagrant, virtualbox, and get a webserver running with a Drupal 7 installation.

You'll learn about the server that actually powers your Drupal site and how the various pieces tie together to show users what they see in their browser's window.

When we're done, you'll have a base machine that you can easily tear down, and start new with everything already installed.

Here is the box we built during the presentation: